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Shadow Chasers is a group of paranormal investigators based in Johannesburg, Gauteng (SA), who conduct in-depth investigations of reportedly haunted homes and  businesses , seeking proof (or disproof) of the paranormal.

Apart from doing the actual investigation for free (“mahala”, “gratis” en verniet”), we spend many man- (and lady)-hours reviewing audio and visual recorded footage in our quest to understand the matter at hand.

We seek to educate ourselves and others. We seek the truth, and will share with others what we believe to be the truth with information we've gathered from our investigations.

Our PASSION is the paranormal and we dedicate our time and energy to the cause – when those that have gone before us speak…we listen

Note: We investigate with our sense of humour in tact.

If you would like to request an investigation or would like to report a haunted location, please contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" link
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Shadow Chasers (South Africa)

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